FLS® is guided by an ambitious sustainability charter. FLS® subscribes to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and the recommendations by the WBCSD Forest Solutions Group, in particular:

We strive to scale up the circular bioeconomy

We work to strengthen the role of forests in global climate change mitigation

We promote biodiversity and conservation

We enhance the livelihood and resilience of local forest-dependent communities

We enforce responsible procurement practices, transparency and traceability

We stand firm against bribery and corruption

FLS® is committed to creating a

positive work environment

While we understand that achieving our goals requires dedication and high levels of energy and commitment, we maintain a supportive and non-discriminating working environment, nurturing individual initiative and open exchange of ideas.

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We are a member of global compact

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We comply with international

sustainability standards

We pride ourselves on adhering to the most stringent environmental and social standards, ensuring our operations positively impact both the planet and our communities through sustainable and ethical practices.

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