Our Approach

We offer institutional and corporate investors access to well-structured sustainable forestry projects, centered around four main principles:

Mosaic forestry

FLS® initiatives blend commercial forestry with conservation zones by establishing mosaic formations. The goal of FLS® is to dedicate at least 25% of the project's area to natural conservation zones, enhancing natural landscapes and riparian protection. Without vigilant care, natural forests face threats like fires and illegal logging. A strong commercial core supports the protection of conservation areas, enabling firebreaks, monitoring, and interventions. This core also boosts the project’s social impact through long-term job creation. By statute, harvested wood is permanently replanted in continuous cycles.

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Data analytics

FLS® Analytics provides a data-driven approach to forestry investing, carbon and sustainability. Our in-house analytics support project design, assemble data for due diligence, enable high quality investor reporting, and ultimately enable securitization. Furthermore, our analytics framework supports the integrity of carbon sequestration reporting and the potential sharing of data with major rating agencies, laying the groundwork for public ratings of forestry-linked securities.

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FLS® is not a fund. It is designed for long term duration, to enable permanent carbon sequestration, and promote long-lasting ecological protection. Each project is structured on a stand-alone basis. Once a project can demonstrate stable cashflows, FLS® will seek to securitize the forestry assets to provide early investors with exit opportunities and additional yield, without affecting the underlying sustainability or economics. Securitization ensures scalability, allowing for the structuring of forestry assets that provide financial liquidity and growth opportunities, facilitating expansion on a global scale.

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Global portfolios

FLS® harnesses uniform metrics and securitization principles to safeguard investors' assets from non-core risks, paving the way for the creation of diverse, global portfolios in sustainable forestry and carbon sequestration. This approach not only standardizes risk and return assessments across projects, but also promotes scalability and investment in environmental impact, aligning closely with the goals of creating liquid assets and facilitating broader investor engagement.

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