Project Midgard

Mosaic commercial and conservation afforestation in Eastern Paraguay:

USD 250 m

over 6 years

Attractive IRR

with a triple bottom line

~6 m tons
of CO2 sequestered

within 10 years

Paraguay, one of the most promising

greenfield areas globally

Paraguay alone is larger than the UK and home to less than 7 m people. It can count on ideal growth conditions, with a warm climate and yearly rainfalls between 1,400 and 1,800 mm; this results in highly competitive growth rates for wood which can exceed 40 m3 per hectare per year. The vicinity to the regional forestry powerhouse, Brazil, provides access to both best practices and a large market. The River Paraguay houses the world's third largest barge fleet and ensures convenient and well-organized access to regional and world markets.

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Partnership with leading environmental
and social specialist

FLS® is partnering with the Fundación Moisés Bertoni, a leading local NGO to oversee the ecological restoration and conservation part of Project Midgard. The NGO has specific experience of environmental conservation and community integration, enabling Midgard to offer long-lasting environmental, employment and social benefits to the surrounding community.

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Conservation, supported by
a commercial core

FLS® believes in blending commercial fundamentals with technical conservation to ensure a scalable approach to carbon sequestration. Project Midgard targets at least 25% of the project area for conservation or riparian zones, these areas having the restoration of biodiversity as their main goal. Any commercial strategy is planned with perpetual replanting cycles, in order to ensure on-going, sustainable revenue generation. Notably, the project relies on carbon finance to support its long-term ecological objectives.

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